Wolfgang Ludwig

Wolf Ludwig
Wolf-tec and WTI, Inc.

Wolfgang Peter Ludwig immigrated to the United States in 1967 at age 23 with his wife Ursel and two young boys. He had been trained as a master sausage maker in a small Black Forest town near Baden Baden, Germany.  He came driven by big dreams of America and although he spoke no English, was confident of his prospects.  He used his knowledge and intense interest in meat processing to begin his journey into the unknown US market. After a decade of learning the language while working for processors and suppliers in America, he felt it was time to begin another journey. This journey began with 1-man and a dream of becoming a leading company, able to provide his customers with products and services that were better than they had ever experienced before. Just 10 years after arriving in the US, he broke ground on the company that now bears his name.

During the next 30 years, Wolf built his company, Wolf-tec, Inc. into a successful and respected manufacturer of meat processing equipment.  One of his many contributions to the meat industry was a completely different theory of protein extraction and curing that revolutionized the processed meat manufacturing in the US. He discovered that protein extraction is optimum at very low temperatures, but higher temperatures are required to obtain the best possible distribution of curing ingredients and therefore, uniform color. His company designed and patented an automated massage process and other equipment that allows for the manipulation of temperature during the curing process and the production of consistently excellent processed meat products.

Mr. Ludwig’s company has been awarded 10 patents and received the “Spirit of Excellence” award from Hormel Foods Co. on seven separate occasions.

His sons, Peter and Ralf, now manage Wolf-tec, but Wolf did not simply retire. He placed his focus on the food ingredient business through a second company he founded – World Technology Ingredients (WTI). His new venture is based in Jefferson, GA and produces anti-microbial ingredients based on natural components. Like Wolf-tec, WTI has become a successful business and is leading the industry in innovate anti-microbial technologies.

Wolfgang Ludwig is truly a renaissance man. He and his family have contributed greatly to the meat industry.